Five Captivating Magicians in One Show!

Greetings, enchanting travelers and curious wanderers! I’m Karen Brem, the marketing maestro behind the magical New Orleans Guest House, your portal to a weekend sprinkled with spellbinding entertainment and the irresistible charm of the French Quarter. This Saturday, March 9, 2024, prepare to have your reality beautifully blurred at the historic Saenger Theatre, as the Champions of Magic grace our vibrant city for a performance that promises to dazzle and delight.

For those of you seeking an escape from the mundane, the Champions of Magic are ready to whisk you away on a fantastical journey, with not one, but two opportunities to witness their mesmerizing craft. Choose between an afternoon delight at 2:00 PM or an evening escapade at 7:00 PM, but remember, these sorcerers and their entourage will vanish after Saturday night, en route to cast their spells on another distant land.

Our quintet of conjurors is not your garden-variety magicians pulling rabbits out of hats. Oh no, dear guests! They are maestros of the mystical, with each act designed to challenge your grasp on reality. From the intimacy of close-up magic that will have you questioning your eyesight, to grand illusions that defy the laws of physics, your senses will be tantalized in ways you never imagined possible. Imagine being part of an interactive magic that connects you directly to the illusion, feeling the thrill of an escape reminiscent of Houdini’s daring feats, witnessing a prediction so precise it will send shivers down your spine, levitating wonders that challenge gravity right before your eyes, and a finale that, quite frankly, defies description. All this awaits you, wrapped in a package of family-friendly fun recommended for ages 5 and up.

Now, let me sprinkle a little practical magic into the mix. Nestled just a stone’s throw from the Saenger Theatre, the New Orleans Guest House is your cozy haven amidst the excitement. We promise no grand illusions here, just clean, affordable accommodations and a staff that radiates the warmth of a thousand suns. Our charming abode is the perfect starting point for a weekend of exploration. After the show, let the mystique of the French Quarter lead you through its storied streets, where every corner has a tale to tell, and every breeze carries the melody of jazz.

So, dear adventurers, as the curtain rises on this captivating spectacle, ensure your stay in New Orleans is equally enchanting. Book your sanctuary at the New Orleans Guest House, where we blend Southern hospitality with a pinch of magical mystery. Secure your spot by visiting us at or dialing (504) 566-1177. Don’t let this chance disappear in a puff of smoke; after all, in the realm of magic and the heart of New Orleans, anything is possible.

Join us, where magic meets the Mississippi, and let the Champions of Magic be the highlight of your enchanted journey. Remember, in the end, we are all seeking a bit of magic in our lives, and this weekend, the spell is cast in New Orleans. See you at the show!

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