Come, dance the night away!

Hey there, rhythm lovers and pop aficionados! I’m Karen Brem, your go-to gal for all things fun and festive in the heart of New Orleans. As the marketing director for the New Orleans Guest House, it’s my absolute pleasure to give you the inside scoop on an event that’s bound to make your January sizzle with excitement. Mark your calendars and dust off your dancing shoes, because the 610 Stompers Debutante Ball is hitting the city this Saturday, January 13, 2024, and it’s going to be epic!

The Fillmore, located at the ever-buzzing 6 Canal St., is set to transform into a haven for pop stars and party animals alike. Starting at 8:00 PM, this extravaganza, aptly themed “Pop Stars: The Errors Tour,” promises an unforgettable night of music, moves, and merriment. And guess what? The Historic Mardi Gras Inn is just a breezy half-mile jaunt from the venue. That’s right, a short stroll, and you’re in the heart of the action!

Now, let’s talk tickets. General admission is a steal at $75, while the VIP experience is yours for $125. Trust me, for what’s in store, these prices are a bargain. Grab your tickets on the event website and prepare for a night like no other.

What’s on the agenda, you ask? Well, first off, an open bar all evening (yes, you heard that right!). Whether you’re in the mood for a zesty cocktail or a smooth sip of your favorite brew, we’ve got you covered. As the night progresses and those dance moves start to work up an appetite, fear not – late-night pizza is on the menu to keep your energy levels sky-high.

And the entertainment, oh the entertainment! The Stompers have outdone themselves this year, bringing together some of the best local bands to keep the beats rolling and your feet tapping. But wait, there’s more! Be among the first to witness the official debut of the New 2024 Dances. These are moves you’ll want to take home and show off at every party.

Now, let’s talk costumes. This is your chance to channel your inner pop star. Go wild, get creative, and dress up as your favorite chart-topper. Glitter, glam, or grunge – anything goes in this pop star paradise. And don’t forget your dancing shoes; trust me, you’ll need them.

While I can’t promise a backstage pass to meet your favorite pop idol at the Historic Mardi Gras Inn, I can assure you of clean, affordable accommodations and a staff that’s as warm and welcoming as the New Orleans sunshine. We’re here to make sure your stay is as fabulous as your night at the ball.

So, are you ready to dance, sing, and have an absolute blast? The 610 Stompers Debutante Ball isn’t just an event; it’s a celebration of joy, rhythm, and the unifying power of music. It’s where memories are made and stories for the ages are born. Join us for a night that promises to be nothing short of spectacular.

In closing, let me just say – this isn’t just a ball, it’s an experience. A whirlwind of color, sound, and excitement. And it’s all happening right here in New Orleans, a stone’s throw from your cozy room at the Historic Mardi Gras Inn.

Can’t wait to see you there, shaking it to the beat of your own drum, or rather, to the rhythm of the fantastic 610 Stompers. Let’s make this a night to remember! 🕺✨🍕🎶

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