Let’s get the party started!!!

Hello, darlings! Karen Brem here, your friendly neighborhood marketing director at the fabulous New Orleans Guest House. Just when you thought your Sunday couldn’t get any more fabulous, honey, I’ve got the tea that’s going to spill all over your plans—in the best way possible! Mark your calendars for Sunday, May 19, 2024, because you’re invited to the fiercest, most fabulous event this side of the Mississippi: The Krewe of Narcissus presents the Mad Hatter Drag Lunch Bingo!

Now, let’s talk deets. Picture this: It’s 11 AM, you’ve got your best drag brunch attire on (Yes, that feather boa you’ve been dying to flaunt!), and you’re stepping into the glamorous New Orleans Ladies Ballroom. What awaits is not just a meal, but a feast for your eyes, darling! This isn’t just any Sunday lunch; it’s a spectacle of drag artistry, with queens serving looks that are nothing short of royal.

But wait, there’s more! Imagine being surrounded by sizzling male entertainers and drag divas that could turn the catwalks of Paris to shame, all while you dab your way through some fabulously fun bingo games. Yes, honey, bingo—the game your grandma loved, but with a twist only New Orleans knows how to serve!

And because no fabulous affair is complete without a libation, or five, your ticket includes not just one, but five cocktail tickets. That’s right, five! Choose your poison, sip back, and enjoy the show. All this glitz and glamour come at the steal of $55. Trust me, it’s cheaper than a therapy session and twice as uplifting!

Now, you must be thinking, “Where can I snag my ticket to this extravaganza?” Look no further than AllEvents.in, where dreams become tickets. But hurry, my dear, these tickets will disappear faster than my ex-boyfriend when I mentioned commitment!

Now, where to stay for this extravaganza? Well, I might be biased, but there’s no place like the New Orleans Guest House. Located just a stiletto throw from the electric French Quarter, our hotel offers clean, affordable accommodations with a side of Southern hospitality so warm it’ll make your mascara run (in a good way, we promise!).

Staying with us means you’re just a leisurely walk away from not only the Mad Hatter Drag Lunch Bingo but all the sights, sounds, and mouth-watering cuisine that NOLA is famed for. Imagine waking up in a cozy bed, sashaying down to our charming lobby where the staff greets you like the superstar you are, and then heading out to explore the jazz-filled streets of Treme or the historic beauty of the French Quarter. Sounds like a plan? You bet your sweet sequins it does!

So, why not make a weekend out of it? Book a room, unpack your most fabulous outfits (and maybe a comfortable pair of shoes for all that walking!), and prepare to strut your stuff in one of the most vibrant cities in the world. After all, life’s too short for boring weekends!

Don’t just come to play bingo; come to slay, stay, and savor everything our beautiful city has to offer. We at the New Orleans Guest House can’t wait to welcome you with open arms and a cheeky smile. Book your stay today and let’s get this party started! For information on accommodations visit us at neworleansguest.house or phone us at (504)566-1177.

Remember, in New Orleans, every hat is a mad hat and every game of bingo is a ball. We’ll see you there, and as always, may your stay be as fabulous as a drag queen’s wardrobe. Toodles!

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