Get Run Ready!

As the marketing director for the New Orleans Guest House, I take immense pride in highlighting events that embody the spirit of our vivacious city. With that said, brace yourselves for one of the most outrageous, entertaining, and charitable events of the year—the Red Dress Run! Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 10, 2024, because this is one event you won’t want to miss.

First off, let’s get something straight: the Hash House Harriers (HHH), the self-proclaimed “drinking club with a running problem,” are at it again, hosting the largest Red Dress Run in the nation right here in New Orleans. So, if you’re picturing a serious, no-nonsense marathon, think again. This is New Orleans, after all, and we do things with a twist—sometimes literally, depending on how much you drink.

The festivities kick off at Crescent City Park, nestled charmingly next to the Mississippi River. Don’t be fooled by the 11:30 AM race start time; the beer starts flowing at a respectable 9:30 AM. Because why wait? The only thing that needs to warm up more than your muscles is your sense of humor. The run itself is a breezy 2-mile jaunt, perfect for the athlete who’s more into the afterparty than the PR (that’s personal record for you non-runners).

With an expected turnout of over 3,000 runners, the event promises a spectacle of scarlet. Yes, you read that right—over 3,000 adults dressed in red frocks, showing off their most fabulous looks. And here’s the kicker: it’s considered bad form to wear the same red dress two years in a row. The Hash House Harriers, being the problem-solvers they are, have set up a dress swap for returning runners. You can also visit the HHH Haberdashery, where you’ll find everything you need to make your red dress ensemble absolutely unforgettable. So don’t just grab any red dress; grab the red dress that screams, “Look at me! I’m here for the beer and the laughs!”

Speaking of unforgettable, let’s talk about the $65 entry fee. Before you scoff, consider what you’re getting: food, drinks, live music, and the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from knowing all proceeds go to local charities. Think of it as paying for the best party of the year, with the bonus of helping the community. Your liver might have some concerns, but your heart will be in the right place.

Now, for those concerned about the notorious New Orleans heat, fear not. There will be plenty of shade, water stations, and a refreshing breeze off the Mississippi to keep you from melting faster than an ice cream cone on Bourbon Street. The event is designed to keep you cool, hydrated, and ready to party from start to finish—and beyond.

This event is a super fun occasion for both men and women over the age of 21. It’s a chance to let your hair down (or up, in some elaborate hairstyle that compliments your red dress), mingle with like-minded revelers, and create memories that will have you laughing for years to come. Remember, the Red Dress Run isn’t just an event; it’s an experience. One that involves more beer, more laughter, and more red dresses than you can shake a stick at.

So, grab your sneakers, don your most dazzling red dress, and get ready to run, drink, and be merry. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned veteran, the New Orleans Red Dress Run promises a day of frivolity that stretches well into the night. Just don’t forget to book your stay at the New Orleans Guest House—where clean, affordable accommodations with a warm, welcoming staff await you. Because after all that fun, you’re going to need a place to crash that isn’t a park bench. For more information on accommodations visit us at or call us directly at (504)566-1177.

See you at the run, darlings!

 And may your red dress be fabulous and your beer never-ending.

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