Green is the Color of the Day!

As the marketing director for the New Orleans Guest House, I am thrilled to share the vibrant and joyous spirit of New Orleans with you, especially as we approach the much-anticipated spring parade season. Nestled in the heart of this historic city, our guest house offers clean, affordable accommodations and is staffed by a team that’s as warm and welcoming as the city itself. We’re conveniently located within easy walking distance of all the local parades, making us the perfect base for your springtime adventures in New Orleans.

The spring parade season in New Orleans is a dazzling display of culture, history, and festivity, beginning with the numerous St. Patrick’s Day parades. These parades are not just a celebration of all things Irish; they’re a tribute to the immense contribution of the Irish community to the fabric of New Orleans. The tradition of “catchin’ the cabbages” is a unique and beloved feature of these parades, where revelers catch cabbages tossed from the floats, echoing the communal and generous spirit of the Irish. In the 1700s, Irish immigrants were a rarity in New Orleans, but by the mid-1800s, following economic hardship and a devastating potato famine back in Ireland, Irish residents made up one in five of the Crescent City’s population. This influx has left a lasting imprint on the city’s culture, celebrated with gusto every spring.

But the St. Patrick’s Day parades are just the beginning. The St. Joseph Day parades honor another significant cultural influence on New Orleans: the Italian, predominantly Sicilian, immigrants who arrived in the late 1800s. These parades are a vibrant testament to the Italian community’s enduring legacy in New Orleans, featuring colorful floats, lively music, and an abundance of Italian heritage. Oh, and don’t forget the incredible food!

In addition to the Irish and Italian festivities, New Orleans also pays homage to its settlers from the Canary Islands with a special parade. These settlers arrived in the late 1700s, and their unique culture and traditions have been woven into the rich tapestry of New Orleans history. This parade is a wonderful opportunity to explore the diverse roots of our city and to celebrate the various communities that have come together to make New Orleans the unique and enchanting place it is today.

And let’s not forget the Easter parades! Easter weekend in New Orleans is a time of joy and renewal, marked by a series of parades that are as much a part of the city’s spring tradition as the blooming azaleas. These parades bring together families, friends, and visitors in a celebration of spring, community, and new beginnings, all set against the backdrop of our beautiful, historic city.

At the New Orleans Guest House, we are proud to be a part of this wonderful community and to offer our guests a cozy, inviting place to stay as they immerse themselves in the festivities. Our location makes it easy for you to join in the fun, whether you’re catching cabbages at a St. Patrick’s Day parade, celebrating Italian heritage at the St. Joseph Day parade, honoring the Canary Island settlers, or enjoying the Easter parades with your loved ones.

We invite you to be our guests this spring and experience the unparalleled charm and vibrancy of New Orleans. Our promise to you is simple: clean, affordable accommodations and a staff that embodies the warm, welcoming spirit of this incredible city. Come and celebrate with us, and let the New Orleans Guest House be your home away from home during this festive season.

For additional information on accommodations contact us directly at or phone us at (504)566-1177.

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