Yuletide greetings and mistletoe wishes (3)

Yuletide greetings and mistletoe wishes, holiday enthusiasts! As the festive season twinkles to life, the Big Easy rolls out its grandest garlands for the 48th Annual Holiday Home Tour presented by McEnery Residential. On December 9th and 10th, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., the historic heart of New Orleans invites you to step through its hallowed halls, all decked out in full Christmas regalia. I’m Karen Brem, your mirthful maestro of merry accommodations and the marketing director of the New Orleans Guest House, ready to unwrap the details of this holly-jolly event.

The tour’s headquarters and the accompanying Tour Boutique, open from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., are nestled in the Louise S. McGehee School at 2343 Prytania St. Here, you’ll collect your pass to a winter wonderland like no other. Imagine strolling through the same halls and parlors that have been admired from behind wrought-iron fences and under the shade of ancient live oaks by tourists from around the globe.

Christmas light decorations

While these architectural marvels are a year-round hit, admired from the outside by many, this tour presents a rare opportunity to view these historic homes from the inside out. Imagine walking the floors where history was made, peering out of windows where past residents dreamed, all while being enveloped in the splendor of the season.

Each home on the tour is a page from a storybook, with their stately facades and elegant interiors telling tales of yesteryear. Now, dressed in their holiday best, they whisper secrets of Christmas past, present, and future through ribbons, wreaths, and sparkling lights. These are the homes that have stood as silent witnesses to New Orleans’ storied history, and they’re waiting to share it with you, wrapped up with a bow.

For those who’ve longed to cross the threshold of these incredible homes, to see the grandeur of old New Orleans living rooms adorned with towering trees and staircases spiraled with garland, this is your chance. Set yourself in the midst of the merriment, let the holiday spirit infuse you as you traverse the rooms where the walls might just sing carols if you listen closely.

And when your feet grow weary from walking in a winter wonderland, the New Orleans Guest House stands ready to welcome you with comfort and cheer. We offer clean, affordable lodging, and our staff is as warm as the glint of candlelight on a Christmas ornament. We make no grand promises, save for a cozy bed to rest your head and the kind of hospitality that’s as sweet as a candy cane.

Christmas light decorations

This tour isn’t just about seeing homes; it’s about experiencing the heartbeat of the holidays in New Orleans. It’s about the smell of fresh pine mingling with the scent of beignets, the sound of jazz softly playing as you pass from room to room, and the feeling of stepping back in time while celebrating the most wonderful time of the year.

So don your festive apparel, gather your loved ones, and join us for the Holiday Home Tour. It’s not just a walk through houses; it’s a stroll through history, a step into the pages of a Dickens novel, and a leap into the holiday season.

From all of us at the New Orleans Guest House, we extend an invitation to be part of this cherished tradition. Let the 48th Annual Holiday Home Tour be a highlight of your holiday season, a tradition to treasure, and a memory to cherish. Happy holidays, and may your tour be merry and bright!

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